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About Us

worn dirt style skratch recordworn vestax crossfader

As a skratch dj/producer/record collector of over 20 years, I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find any decent apparel for people like us. A simple Google search for "dj apparel" or "dj t-shirts" yields some really cringeworthy designs. Try it. They all suck major ass.

So I designed a few t-shirts just for myself, never with the intention of releasing them for sale. But anytime I'd wear them out, my dj friends would ask where I was getting my shirts from. That was when I realized it wasn't just me. As a demographic, we were simply being overlooked. 

Not just as DJs, but even as record collectors, all of the magazines and publications are catered to the older, rock oriented crowd, like The Beatles, or Elvis collectors. There's a whole generation of sample hunting, crate digging, beatmakers and vinyl archaeologists that has for the most part been overlooked. 

And with that, XFADR was born. This is a labor of love, fueled by passion. If you're tired of all the corny dj/producer/vinyl related apparel out there like I was, I sincerely hope to offer a suitable alternative. My goal as a brand is to provide as much value to my fellow brethren in beats as humanly possible.

As a market, we will no longer be overlooked. Whether in the form of articles, videos, clothing, sample packs, downloads, record releases, or whatever format the future brings, I intend to bring maximum value to this community and serve you just as I would want to be served.